Remove an Ugly Stump From Your Property

Remove an Ugly Stump From Your Property

Get stump grinding services from our tree company in the Gaffney or Spartanburg, SC area

You've cut down a tree, but the stump is still standing. You don't have to chip away at it by yourself. You can get stump grinding services from Open Canopy Tree & Lawn in Gaffney, Spartanburg, SC and surrounding areas.

We will:

  • Remove the part of the stump that's above ground level
  • Grind the stump 2-4 inches below ground level
  • Use the resulting wood chips to fill the hole in the ground




You can lay soil or sod over the area to blend it into the rest of your landscape. To get rid of your stump, arrange for our stump grinding services right away.



Still have a tree to remove?

Maybe you haven't cut down a tree yet, but you plan to. You want to get the tree and stump removed in one go. We can handle tree removal and stump grinding together, then haul the tree and debris away. Your property will look even better than before. Reach out to us now for more information on tree removal and stump grinding. We'll gladly provide a free quote on the project.